When it comes to bicycle safety, most people understand the importance of wearing a helmet and obeying traffic laws, but there are some other safety concerns that are often overlooked. One of the greatest dangers to cyclists is getting hit by a car while riding on public roads. However, there are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself and decrease the risk of ever being involved in a car-related cycling accident.

Here’s a great article that covers many common scenarios you may encounter while riding your bike on public roads, and a lot of useful advice to protect yourself and stay safe.

BicycleSafe.com – How to Not Get Hit by Cars

There are also many accessories that will increase your safety while riding:

  • A good quality headlight and taillight, to make you more visible to drivers
  • A mirror to help you see cars approaching from behind
  • And, of course, a helmet!

To promote rider safety, contact us today to learn about our lights and mirrors available in the shop.

Keep pedaling safely!

The Bike Garage Team