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Bike Garage is a specialty San Diego bike repair shop located in Pacific Beach. Whether you’re looking for a basic tune-up, repairs, or a complete overhaul for your bicycle, Bike Garage has you covered.

For our mountain and road bike advocates, the team at Bike Garage are the only specialists in the area offering advance services such as shocks, forks, wheel building and more. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you. 

Tube Install $6.00
Brake Caliper $15.00
Brake Pads $10.00
Derailleurs $20.00
Cable & Housing $15.00
Chain $10.00
Cassette $10.00
Crankset $15.00
Spoke Install $30.00
Wireless Computer $20.00
Bartape $20.00
Minor Part Installation $5.00
Additional Services
Overhaul (Multi-Speed) $175.00
Overhaul (Single-Speed) $100.00
Bike Build (From Box) $50.00
Disassemble & Pack for Shipping $60.00
Shipping & Handling Call for Quote
Single Adjustments
Brakes $10.00
Brake Bleed $15.00
Derailleur $15.00
Hub $15.00
Headset $10.00
Bottom Bracket $10.00
True Wheel $25.00
Pro Services
Fork Service $50.00
Shock Service $50.00
Wheel Building $85.00

Frame Cleaning and Initial Inspection

We start each tune-up by cleaning the bicycle and removing any dirt and grime that has accumulated on the frame and components. While cleaning the bike, we do an initial inspection of all components to determine their condition and see if there are any obvious issues that need to be addressed.

Derailleur Adjustment

We check the derailleur operation to see if the bicycle is changing gears correctly. If there are any issues with shifting, we make adjustments as needed to restore proper operation.

Brake Adjustment

We check the brakes to make sure they are operating correctly, free of excessive noise and play, and check the condition of the brake pads. We make adjustments as needed to optimize the bicycle’s braking performance.

Bearing Adjustment (Bottom Bracket, Hubs, Headset)

We check the bottom bracket, front and rear hubs, and headset to see if the bearings are in good condition. We adjust the tightness of these components if needed, to achieve smooth operation with no play.

On-Bike Wheel Truing

We check the front and rear wheels and adjust the spoke tension to make the wheels as straight as possible. Some wheels that are severely out of true require additional adjustment on a truing stand, but in most cases the adjustments can be performed without removing the wheels from the bicycle.

Chain Lube

We oil the chain with a dry lubricant that promotes smooth operation, protects the chain from dirt and rust, and extends the life of the chain.

Tire Pressure Check

We inflate the tires to the tire manufacturer’s recommended pressure specifications.

Bolt Check (Torque) / Free Installation of New Parts

The last step of the tune-up process is to check the tightness of all fasteners on the bicycle. We also install any new parts and accessories at this time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

This is the place to take your bike. The shop is small, simple, clean, and very inviting.

Ismael, one of the owners, is the nicest, down to earth guy ever! Positive attitude, straight forward about his services, and really easy to talk to. Many bike shops I’ve been to make you feel insignificant – they’re busy, have tons of merchandise, a huge staff, usually in a bustling area, etc. This place is unlike any of those.

Ismael didn’t hesitate to meet my needs for my bike and even offered his recommendations for repairs on what he thought was needed, without pressuring. Very trustworthy!

Bike Garage is the best bike repair shop.

Dillon R.

I love this place! It’s small and your service is very personable everyone was so friendly and knowledgable they have a great selection of supplies and bikes for sale and rent. I took my bike to get a tune up and it’s running like new now! I needed a new wheel and they searched around until they could find the perfect fit in my price range. They were super quick too, like next day it was done! They guarantee the service and I’ll definitely be going here for all my future bike needs thanks guys! Kelly G.

It feels good to have wheels again to get out and explore all the great MTB trails here in SD. I have to say that I am completely happy with the mountain bike I bought at the Bike Garage here in Pacific Beach and more than thrilled with the level of service I have received since I bought it, ie. getting the shifters readjusted and a few things tightened up. It’s nice to know that they didn’t just sell me a bike and hope to never see me again. I also took an older crappy mtb down there to have tuned up for my wife to ride and they did not try to sell us on a bunch of extras, they made it safe to ride and work well for her, all for a good deal.

If you need a good, local bike shop in Pacific Beach check these guys out on Cass and Emerald, next door to Soul Grind.

Michael C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my bike serviced?
We recommend that you have your bike serviced at least twice a year for a complete tune-up to make sure all pieces are tight and the bicycle is safe to ride. In between tune-ups, it is sometimes necessary to make minor adjustments to the brakes, derailleurs, and other components if they stop working correctly.
What is the right tire pressure for my bicycle?
The recommended tire pressure is always printed on the side of the tire, and is typically measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Wide tires like those used on mountain bikes and beach cruisers require relatively low tire pressure (typically 40-65 psi), while narrow tires used on hybrids and road bikes require higher pressure (usually 80-130 psi).
How often should I oil my chain?
It’s generally recommended to oil your chain every 100 miles or about once per month. If your chain looks dry or starts squeaking, that’s a good indication that it needs to be oiled. And if you ride your bicycle in the rain or in an environment with lots of dirt or sand, we recommend cleaning and oiling the chain immediately after your ride to prevent corrosion.
Why do my brakes squeak?
This can be caused by a number of reasons. Frequently, weather conditions can cause the rubber to dry out and become hard and brittle. The brake pads can also become contaminated with dirt, dust and debris. Vibration and noise can also result from the brake pads being aligned incorrectly to the rim’s braking surface. In some of these cases, a minor adjustment is all that’s needed. If the brake pads are significantly worn or contaminated, they need to be replaced. Replacement brake pads are very inexpensive, and a regular part of bicycle maintenance.
Why isn't my bike shifting properly?
There are several factors that determine a bicycle’s shifting performance. The front and rear derailleurs, which move the chain during gear changes, need occasional adjustment to keep the bicycle shifting properly. The cables that connect the shifter controls to the derailleurs can also become corroded and bind or get stuck within their protective housing. Finally, If the bicycle is dropped or involved in a crash, or even stored improperly, the derailleur hanger (a small bracket that attaches the derailleur to the bicycle frame) can become bent and cause shifting problems. In some cases, the derailleur itself can also be damaged or bent. To avoid these issues, be sure not to lay the bicycle down on the drive side (the side with the chain and derailleurs), and avoid putting pressure on the derailleur when storing the bicycle.
How often should I have my chain replaced?
A regularly cleaned and oiled chain can last up to 2,000 miles, although a good rule of thumb is to replace it once a year or every 1,000 miles – whichever comes first. However, a chain that isn’t properly maintained will wear out much faster. It’s important to replace the chain when it’s worn, or it will eventually wear out other parts of the drivetrain that are far more expensive to replace.

Have Other Questions?

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